Paulin Vieyra 7-DVD Box Set


"Afrique sur Seine," by Mamadou Sarr & Paulin Soumanou Vieyra / Senegal / 1955 / 21mins / Documentary / French


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This 7-DVD box set includes Paulin Vieyra classics: Afrique sur Seine, Birago Diop, Môl, L’Envers du Décor – Ousmane Sembène: The Making of Ceddo, A Nation is Born, Lamb and Iba N’Diaye and a catalog of detailed history, timelines, highlights, testimonials and more. All films are available with English subtitles.


African Film Festival, Inc. (AFF) Distributes Paulin Vieyra 7-DVD Box Set


Afrique sur Seine

Sarr, Mamadou & Vieyra, Paulin Soumanou / Senegal / 1955 / 21mins

Vieyra and his collaborator Mamadou Sarr explore the lives of Africans living in Paris, poetically evoking the ambiguities and questions about identity that plague students educated in colonialist spaces, removed from their comfort zone.

Birago Diop, Conteur

Vieyra, Paulin Soumanou / Senegal / 1981 / 21mins

A short film about the famous Senegalese writer and poet. While young writers of Antillean and African descent chose poetry to express the search for their identity within the Negritude movement, Birago Diop adopted African folklore as a mode of expression.


Vieyra, Paulin Soumanou / Senegal / 1966 / 27mins

A young fisherman dreams of motorizing his boat to better his working conditions. This dream becomes a reality, thanks to his courage and persistence. But this achievement creates a conflict between traditional values and the modern notion of progress.

Iba N’Diaye

Vieyra, Paulin Soumanou / Senegal / 1982 / 35mins

During an interview with the filmmaker Paulin Vieyra, the painter Iba Ndiaye recalls key moments of his life.

L’envers du décor – Ousmane Sembène: The Making of Ceddo

Vieyra, Paulin Soumanou / Senegal / 1981 / 25mins

Paulin Vieyra captures Ousmane Sembène, one of the greatest filmmakers of Africa, during the filming of Ceddo.


Vieyra, Paulin Soumanou / Senegal / 1963 / 18mins

This documentary captures the sport of traditional wrestling, called ‘lamb’ in Wolof, popular in Senegal.

A Nation is Born / Une nation est née

Vieyra, Paulin Soumanou / Senegal / 1961 / 19mins

In 1958, Vieyra set up a special office dedicated to film in Senegal, which, after the independence (1960), became the base of the country’s cinematography. A Nation is Born is a historical portrait of Vieyra’s homeland.