Africa Dreaming


"Sabriya," by Abderrahmane Sissako / Tunisia / 1997 / 26mins / Drama / Arabic


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Africa Dreaming is a landmark in African television – a series drawing together for the first time broadcasters, television producers, film directors and writers from across the continent. It was designed to give Africans a rare opportunity to speak directly to each other in their own words and images. It is also the first continent-wide media project in which South Africa played a leading role. The series includes six dramatic shorts, four of which are included on this DVD.


Sophia's Homecoming

Pakleppa, Richard / Namibia / 1997 / 26mins

A woman returns home to find her husband has fallen in love with her sister.


Sissako, Abderrahmane / Tunisia / 1997 / 26mins

This film explores the impact of the modern world on the traditional male society of the Maghreb. It is a film about men who prefer to live life as an abstract game and the free-spirited woman who changes everything.

So Be It

Ramaka, Joseph Gaï / Senegal / 1997 / 26mins

So Be It offers an emotionally searing allegory of present-day Africa's internecine convulsions in the story of an idealistic foreign doctor working in a dusty "village of the damned."

The Gaze of the Stars

Ribeiro, João / Mozambique / 1997 / 26mins

Betihno, a young boy living with his tavern owning uncle, is curious and tries to discover the truth behind Julia, a woman who no one in town has ever seen, and her relationship with his uncle and her abusive husband, Saide.