La Vie Est Belle


Benoît Lamy & Mwezé Ngangura / Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Belgium and France / 1987 / 85mins / Comedy, Musical / French


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La Vie est belle takes us inside the vibrant music scene of Kinshasha, Zaire's exhilarating and exasperating capital of four million. Its back alleys and nightclubs pulsate to the beat of some of the most influential musicians in the world, and directors Ngangura Mweze and Benoît Lamy have brought it directly to the screen with their defiantly feel good epic of charm and persistence. Kourou (played by the legendary Congolese musician, Papa Wemba) goes from his village to Kinshasa, his heart full of dreams of music and success. The capital city of Zaire is then the center of “World Music.” Once there, he falls in love with Kabibi, a virginal young woman who wants to be a secretary. Unfortunately Nvouandou, a club owner searching for a second wife, also wants to marry her. Will Nyouandou’s first wife turn out to be the best ally for young Kourou? About Benoît Lamy About Mwezé Ngangura