Guimba the Tyrant


Cheick Oumar Sissoko / Mali / 1993 / 120mins / Comedy, Drama / Bambara


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This film tells the story of a small West African village ruled by a tyrant and his son. The movie starts and ends as a folk story told by a narrator.

For Guimba, the prince of a once prosperous trading city, the key to power is spectacle: humiliating court rituals, arbitrary displays of wrath, occult powers, even the terrifying mask which always covers his face. Guimba's authority begins to crumble when he demands that a nobleman divorce his wife so that his own son, the physical and moral dwarf, Janginé, can marry her. This ludicrous demand reveals him to the townspeople as a unrestrained beast not a prince; they jeer and defy him and abandon the city to join a rebel force. About Cheick Oumar Sissoko