Amil Shivji




Amil Shivji was born in Tanzania and is a filmmaker and lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam. He believes in using images to challenge the powers that be, in particular, by deconstructing urban facades of development and emphasizing the strength and struggles of marginalized communities. Amil has written, directed, and produced short films that have participated in Rotterdam and FESPACO, winning the People’s Choice Award in Zanzibar and Best Director in Africa. His feature directorial debut, T-Junction, (2017), opened the Zanzibar International Film Festival, winning three awards. He has a Masters in Fine Arts from York University in Toronto. His second feature, Tug of War (2021), was the winner of the Best Long Feature award at the Mashariki African Film Festival in Rwanda, and the winner of the Oumarou Ganda Prize at FESPACO 2021.


Who Killed Me (2012)
Shoeshine (2013)
Samaki Mchangani (2014)
T-Junction (2017)
Wahenga (2018)
Mozizi (2021)
Tug of War / Vuta n’kuvute (2021)

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