Benoît Lamy




Benoît Lamy was born in Arlon, Belgium, in 1945 and graduated from I.A.D. in 1967. He was an intern on Pasolini’s Oedipus Rex in Italy in 1968. His first major film Home Sweet Home (La Fête à Jules – 1973) won a Diploma award at the 8th Moscow International Film Festival; it was also nominated for a Golden Prize award and received 14 international awards, from Montréal to Tehran. He founded his company Lamy Films in 1976. Some of the films his company produced include, Pierre Joassin’s Gros cœurs (1986), Mary Jimenez’s L’Air de rien (1989), Rosa Vergés’ Boom Boom (1990), and Férid Boughédir‘s Un été à la Goulette (1995). Serving as president of the Belgian producers association U.P.F.F. from 1988-91, Lamy has directed such films as Ham from the Ardennes (1977), Life Is Rosy (La vie est belle – 1987) and Wild Games (Combat de Fauves – 1997), which won a Golden Bayard award at the Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Film. Benoît Lamy passed away in Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium in April 2008.


Cartoon Circus (1972)
Home Sweet Home / La Fête à Jules (1973)
Ham from the Ardennes (1977)
Capitali culturali d’Europa – Ceci n’est pas Bruxelles (1983)
Life Is Rosy / La vie est belle (1987)
Ouagadougou, portraits de dieux (1993)
Wild Games / Combat de fauves (1997)
Cream and Punishment (2008)

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